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Hi car enthusiast and mechanics!

Youcanic allows you to share your car projects and repairs with the world.

Keep all your car DIY and restoration projects in one place. Never worry about how many pictures you can upload or that your posts will get lost in a Forum. You get your own URL. You can post as many car projects as you like.

It's easy, fast and free.

Here are a few examples of what you can post.

Car repair how-to.

A fix to a car problem.

Car restoration project.

Engine rebuild project.

Posting Guidelines

Be original

Only share pictures and videos you made. Anything you submit must be a project that you yourself completed. 

Do not link to pictures from external sources. Only upload pictures from your computer and insert them directly into your post.

Show how you did it

Whenever possible include details about how you did something. This makes it easier for other DIYers to learn from you.

Include Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. One photo for a DIY is not enough. If you submit a project with an inadequate number of photos, your submission may be removed or you may be asked to provide additional photos.


One link to your blog/store/social site/e-mail per submission is allowed. That's not one link per photo or one link per comment reply, it's one link total. Put it wherever you'd like.


Affiliate links are not allowed. 

URL shorteners are not allowed. (,, etc).

If you post spam links your account will be suspended.