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fuel 2001 mercedes clk320

17 Mar 2020 •
battery has full charge turn over once and have to turn key off  starter will not stay running how do you get off limp mode  does throttle positioning senser keep from starting?chaged fuel filter no fuel pressure the code reader says code120 throttle/pedal positioning sensor/switch A circuit where is that part car will start but if you touch gas pedal it dies  turn over again it wiil start but dies again if you touch gas pedal the car died on the freeway went into limp mode before it died had car towed home 

Mass Air Flow sensor for Nissan Sentra 2013

16 Mar 2020 •
Would like to DIY video on cleaning or replacing the MAF sensor on the 2013 Nissan Sentra SL ? 

Volkswagen Jetta 2015

14 Mar 2020 •
I am totally mechanically illiterate my brother was my mechanic but he suffered a serious accident Okay my engine light came on it is on steady (not blinking ) it is running fine, no smoke I did go over some rocks a few weeks ago could this be it ?? I tried the gas cap but it seems okay HELP thank you 

2000 Mercedes Benz ml320

14 Mar 2020 •
I have a start error code flashing where the miles read but when I turn the key there is no sound of any kind. What is this issue im dealing with and how do i fix it. I know it's not fuses or the battery it did it once before when I first got my car a lil over a year ago n if I pulled k6 n + battery cable it cleared it. Then it became more frequent ive had to by pass the key n start it by the starting solenoid a wire with push button inside my car but that to has given up on working. 

2005 toyota sienna

13 Mar 2020 •
What size is the socket for the Axel nut?

2007 Mercedes Benz s550

12 Mar 2020 •
I have Codes C2000, C1906 C1905 For the ABR  I do not have a test plane.  Does any one out there know where to start?

Code P219 C

11 Mar 2020 •
I went to the local auto parts store, They ran the little scanner on the car, Gave me a code of P219C No ONE can seem to help me with this. It's a 2018 Kia Rio S owned it from brand new 16K miles on it Any Ideas?

Vehicle Stuck in Limp Mode | Problems | How to reset

10 Mar 2020 •
Cars go in limp mode when the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system detects a critical problem. The main function of limp mode is to prevent further damage to the engine or transmission. Limp mode reduces engine output, limits the RPMs and speed, prevents the transmission from shifting gears. Limp mode allows you to reach up to 40 mph speeds. Limp mode is also called "emergency mode" or "limp home mode". Symptoms Common symptoms of limp mode include: